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Orientation to Psychodrama

What is Psychodrama?

Psychodrama, developed by J.L. Moreno, MD, and is a healing process possessing a strong and powerful ability to initiate change. Learn more about this effective, integrative and highly individualized modality.

Training on Demand

Training ready when you are. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Work at your own pace in a fully integrated learning environment accessible anywhere you have an internet connection.

Our Team

Our collaboration of psychotherapist and psychodramatist, along with a trained auxiliary team, creates a powerful, effective and mutually reinforcing framework for working with trauma survivors.

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Over 4 Hours of Training Content

11 Orientation Modules

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Work at your own pace in a fully integrated learning environment accessible anywhere you have an internet connection. 


Educational Webinars

This easily accessible introduction offers a window into the world of Psychodrama in an innovative and experiential way.


Trained Psychodrama Team

Every member of our team is fully educated in the Therapeutic Spiral Model and have extensive training in its methods and roles.

Live Interactive Workshops

Each training series offers a live, online intensive. Get access to your instructors, have questions answered in real time, and deepen your understanding.

On Demand Video Library

Complete your training at your own pace with a fully equipped video library. Easily navigate your content, track your progress, and submit questions to your instructors.

Downloadable Material

Every module comes with material available for download. These including (but not limited to) workbooks, additional slides, audio recordings, and other related content.

Always Available Online

Training on your desktop, tablet, phone, or any internet ready device. Login where ever you have an internet connection and continue where you left off.

The Foundation of Our Collaboration

Blending Psychotherapy and Psychodrama for Trauma Survivors

Linda Ciotola is an internationally recognized psychodramatist. Co-author with Karen Carnabucci of Beyond the Silence & the Fury: Action Methods with Eating Disorders. She is a certified health coach, yoga instructor and a Reiki Master Teacher.

Nancy Alexander is a practicing psychotherapist specializing in trauma disorder recovery and has a TAE (Trained Auxiliary Ego) in the Therapeutic Spiral Model. In her second career, Nancy has authored several novels currently available online.

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