Nancy Alexander



Nancy Alexander produced this landmark psychodrama training program along with her colleague Linda Ciotola, who directed the psychodramatic work.

Nancy and Linda worked collaboratively for 15 years providing intensive psychotherapeutic and psychodramatic services to a select group of trauma survivors.

She began her long career in social work in the public sector, she worked with hospitalized children and on inpatient psychiatric units at Sheppard Pratt Hospital before opening her private psychotherapy practice. She created and directed  Alexander & Associates Psychiatric Training Service.

In her role as social advocate, Nancy chaired the Maryland Social Work Coalition, coordinating legislative efforts, preparing and providing testimony on universal healthcare, child welfare, licensure and mental health reform.

After retiring, Nancy launched NJA productions, to effectuate her writing career (she authors psychological thrillers and spy novels) and in collaboration with Linda Ciotola formed ACTS, for our online Psychodrama Educational Series.

A political – social advocate and devoted psychotherapist, Nancy believes in working to create a better world. Those convictions bolster and sustain her work as demonstrated in this ‘Introduction to Psychodrama.’

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