Tiffany Carter

BS, Technical Staff


Tiffany Carter, BS – is the managing director of NJA Productions and ACTS.

Tiffany and Nancy first met, when she was hired to work in Nancy’s psychotherapy office. That role quickly expanded when NJA Productions was created to support and broaden Nancy’s fledgling career as a novelist.

With her background in psychology and her enhanced computer, organizational, and technical and social media knowledge, Tiffany has been the ‘hands on’ producer of our Introduction to Psychodrama  and her work with us has been invaluable.

The driving force behind our online training program, Tiffany’s determination, creativity and analytic skills enabled our collective creative talents to mesh and enhance this production.

As our problem-solver par excellence, Tiffany has chiseled out solutions to whatever difficulties presented themselves, poked, prodded and engineered her way through every obstacle with her gentle steady style.

A beloved member of our ACTS team, she has supported our production efforts while absorbing and sensitizing herself to the field of psychodrama.

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