Will Halm



Roger “Will” Halm is a therapeutic healer. He devoted his career, using creative, expanded modalities, to helping people struggling with addictions. He worked with addicted adolescents at Clear Brook Lodge and helped families affected by addictions in an Intensive Experiential Family Therapy Program at the Caron Foundation. Trained in the Family Constellations modality, Will maintains a private practice providing a variety of services to individuals, families and groups.

Will has had years of psychodrama training in the Therapeutic Spiral Model and is a certified Trained Auxiliary Ego (TAE). He has participated in Trauma Healing workshops throughout the United States and Canada.

In alternative healing modalities, Will has thousands of hours of training in Reiki, Energy Healing, Shamanism and Bodywork all of which informs and enriches what he brings to his life’s work, assisting people to step into the wholeness of who they are.

Will brings his gifts of deep compassion, insight and wisdom to everything he does. The ACTS team is grateful to Will for his sincerity, authenticity and courage, which enabled him to step into and fully occupy the role of Protagonist. This afforded us with the opportunity to record an actual, live, spontaneous psychodrama to present to our viewing audience. Will’s willingness to share his personal story enriched our Introduction to Psychodrama, beyond words.

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